Frequently asked questions about participation. i.e. How do we manage our events and raids.

What happens if more than 12 players turn up to a raid?

We have a raid rotation list.

Depending on content, sometimes class make-up may be a factor when determining who takes a break. We try to limit this as much as possible.

If there’s too many participants, we start by checking our raid rotation list.

We ask who’d like to take a break from the raid:

  • Volunteers who have real life priorities have the first choice of stepping aside.
  • Volunteers who haven’t had time off previously type /roll. Those with the lowest rolls enjoy some time off.
  • If there are still too many players, a Raid Leader will list who’s not taken a break. We then negotiate with our members to agree who’ll step out for that raid.
  • As a last resort, a Raid Leader makes a decision as to who will raid.

Those members taking a break are encouraged to get together and run big battles, landscape content, instances, roving threats, skirmishes, or warbands.

Do you base participation on role or skill level?

No. We believe that’s unfair. All of our Members should have a chance to enjoy group content, regardless of role or skill level.

Are there any exceptions to who can participate?

Yes. Depending on content, sometimes class make-up may be a factor when determining who takes a break. We try to limit this as much as possible.

If an event or raid is scheduled between 12:00 am and 8:00 am your time, we’re likely going to make arrangements beforehand if it’s your turn to take a break.

If all of our DPS, healers, support, or tanks took the night off at one time… Well, it would make for an entertaining event or raid, but create a problem!

What’s your Raid Rotation List?

We keep a copy of who’s taken a break from our raids on our web site. Administrators and Raid Leaders have access to the list.

It’s a list of who’s had a night off due to too many players turning up on a scheduled raid night. You take a break, we add you to the list.

We don’t want you continually volunteering to step aside at the expense of other Members. That’s not fair! Hence the list.

You’re guaranteed to participate in our raids if your name’s on the list until we’ve rotated through the majority of our members.

We reset the list when we’ve rotated through the majority of Members.

Does this Raid Rotation thing apply to me?

Yes. It applies to everyone. Administrators, Raid Leaders, Members… Everyone. Sometimes we (those of us who lead and organise events and raids) enjoy taking a night off!

What happens if I’m late?

If you arrive 10+ minutes after an event or raid’s scheduled start time without prior notice, you’ll have to sit out if the group is full.

We understand that things occur in real life. Family, obligations, work… They all come first.

We have a 10 minute buffer at the start of an event or raid to:

  • Allow us to organise the event or raid.
  • Allow you time to swap characters.
  • Help resolve any technical issues you might experience.
  • Ensure if you’re running a little behind you can participate.

If you rock up 10 minutes or later passed the scheduled start time, it’s unfair to expect to jump in.

If we know beforehand, we can discuss your participation with you and the raid, and work something fair out.

What should I do if I know I’m going to be late?

Get in touch with us as per our Contact page.

What should I do if I’m going to be unavailable for awhile?

You might need to take an extended break from The Lord of the Rings Online due to real life. If so, we’ll make a note our raid rotation list.

If you’re a Member, let us know via our Availability page.

Non-members can reach us as per our Contact page.