Events & Raids

Frequently asked questions about our events and raids.

When are your raids?

Your timezone is Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) time.

Raid Lotro / US - Eastern Australia - Eastern Your Timezone
Saturday (Aus) Saturday 5:30 am Saturday 8:30 pm Saturday 9:30 am
Sunday (Aus) Sunday 5:30 am Sunday 8:30 pm Sunday 9:30 am

Saturday (Aus)

Lotro / US - Eastern : Saturday 5:30 am

Australia - Eastern : Saturday 8:30 pm

Your Timezone : Saturday 9:30 am

Sunday (Aus)

Lotro / US - Eastern : Sunday 5:30 am

Australia - Eastern : Sunday 8:30 pm

Your Timezone : Sunday 9:30 am

Lotro / US - Eastern time is based on New York time, and includes daylight savings time.

Australia - Eastern time is based on Canberra time, and includes daylight savings time.

How long is a raid?

Our raids are usually scheduled to run for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

What’s the difference between our events and raids?

We host several scheduled raids every week, focusing on level cap 12-player raids, skirmishes, and big battles.

We also run events that include instances, landscape content, lower level raids, player vs monster play, roving threats, and special events.

How do I convert Ozraid’s raid times to my timezone?

If you’re a Member and logged into our web site, the clock widget and raid times will be displayed in your local time.

If you’re not logged in to our site, you can use the timezone selection at the bottom of the clock widget to set your local time.

We’re in the process of developing a raid countdown widget that tells you when the next raid’s scheduled to start.