Frequently asked questions about our code of conduct.

What do you mean by “Participate in events and raids on a regular basis”?

We’re looking for consistency.

Consistency doesn’t mean we expect you to attend every event or raid! You don’t sign your life away when you become a Member…

We understand your availability’s based around family, study, real life obligations, or work.

If you’re looking to join us in order to acquire gear quickly, smash out end-game content, and move on in 6 weeks… We’re not the right ‘fit’ for you.

What should I do to prepare for a raid?

Bring consumables. i.e. Class items, food, pots, scrolls, tokens.

Bring whatever gear you need out of your vault.

Reforge, repair, and do anything else in-game you need to.

Why is it important to be ready to play at the scheduled start time?

We get more done and have more fun if we begin on time.

We usually set aside 2 1/2 to 3 hours for our scheduled raids. The later we start, the less time we have.

Coordinating Members from different countries and timezones, with real life commitments and time constraints is a challenge! If you arrive on-time, are prepared and ready to play, that helps us organise the event or raid.

Why keep breaks short and sweet?

We schedule breaks into our events and raids.

A break’s that time to do whatever you need to do away from the keyboard (AFK), such as get a drink. We try to keep breaks to a few minutes due to time constraints. The longer the break, the less time we have.

If you need to leave or require a longer period of time AFK due to real life, let us know. Real life always comes first.

What do you mean by “There’s a time for fun, and a time to focus”?

When we’re in the middle of an event or raid and need to concentrate, it’s time to put all distractions aside, and focus on content.

Distractions include conversations in Lord of the Rings Online chat channels or Teamspeak, crafting, sending /tells, or reforging.

What do you consider appropriate and friendly behaviour?

We encourage a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Banter, chatting, jokes, and mucking around are all good things. Cooperation, communication, and working as part of a team are what we’re all about!

If there’s a minor in an event or raid, we’ll let you know. That helps avoid any awkward and embarrassing moments.

What do you consider inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour?

We define inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour as abuse, bullying, crude discussions, drama, discrimination, harassment, screaming matches, taking a joke too far, and trolling.

First of all, this kind of behaviour kills the fun vibe. Second, it’s not what we’re about. Third, the majority of Members don’t want to play with a jerk!

What happens if I behave inappropriately?

Expect a chat, /tell, or verbal comment highlighting the behaviour from an Administrator, Raid Leader, or Event Coordinator.

We aim to highlight the behaviour, and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

We believe it’s better to identify problems when they occur, hit them on the head quickly, and move on, as we’re here to have fun!

What happens if there are continual or serious behavioural issues?

You may be:

  • Suspended from our events and raids.
  • Banned from our Teamspeak server.
  • Asked to leave Ozraid permanently.

We’re about creating an enjoyable environment, not participating in a soap opera, a high school saga, or political power struggle.