Lotro Calculators

We’ve released three easy-to-use tools to help Lord of the Rings Online players ‘crunch the numbers’, found under the web site “Resources” menu :


  • All calculators are set to the current level cap by default.
  • All calculators display the level cap percentage and rating for each statistic.
  • You can change the level to suit your needs. This is helpful for viewing your stats vs higher level opponents, or level cap values for lower levels.
  • Our Percentage and Rating Calculators are class-specific, taking the needs of each class into account.


  • Statistic level caps can change based on class traits, items, and other factors. These have not been taken into consideration.
  • Minor rounding errors may occur. i.e. The deviation for percentages is less than 0.1%, and ratings is 5 points.

In Development

Two more tools are in the pipeline, based on what we’ve found we need!

Equipment Calculator

We’re currently working on a GUI (graphical user interface) Equipment Calculator that’s simple and user-friendly.

Looking for an online tool rather than a downloadable database, plugin or spreadsheet? Confused by drop-down lists? Want an interface that looks more like a Lord of the Rings Online screen, with the same in-game click, drag, and drop functionality? Want to share your build with your friends or kinmates? It’s on its way!

There will be a basic calculator for those who want to view the essentials, and an advanced option with all the bells and whistles we can cram in.

Gear Finder

Our Gear Finder tool will display how to acquire a piece of equipment. Is it craftable, an instance or raid drop, or requires barter tokens to trade for? You’ll also be able to view the tooltip for a specific item, or compare a range of items.

The tool will cover various level 100 and 105 items. It won’t be “War and Peace” (we recommend referring to Lotro-wiki for more information), but it will be accurate and useful!